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Control Your Own Business

Go beyond analytics. Equipcast integrates transactional and real-time data. We simplify and sustain all production & optimize ESG with no CAPEX required.

how it works

Create a Real-Time Control

Start with the basics. Get your data flowing to profitability. Once you see the impact of brand new insights, upgrade to real-time control.

Stay on Track

Take problems from urgent and important to important- but not urgent.

Get Organized


Our hybrid solution includes edge micro-services and is agnostic to hardware, databases and cloud solutions.

Cross Platform

Synthesize time-series and transactional data from any platform- to any platform- to gain insights in a whole new way.

Flexible Controls

Our user interface was designed by UI/UX experts, but we understand that your needs are different. See your data, your way.

Built with brains

Get More Insights from Your Real-Time Data

Data is valuable, but context is critical. Our Neural Network takes data from liability to asset, empowering your business and providing valuable insights across your entire operation.


From single sensors to PLCs, historians to SCADA databases, our service is easy to integrate. We've done the heavy lifting so you can be up and running in weeks, not months.

Asset Management

Scale from 0 to billions of data points. Our unique solution incorporates transactional data as well, providing a brand new way to automate your infrastructure.

Digital Twins

We go beyond equipment to show you a complete digital representation of your assets. Our experience doesn't require special training, lowering adoption cost.

Get results

Fast Start-up without Hassle

Historical data is useful, but not required. The more information you have, the faster we can provide insights. Our team can process billions of data points in hours with our proprietary software.

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What the Experts Say!

"You have certainly simplified a very complex process.

Maybe we're making it too complicated?"

Surface Facilities Optimization Manager, Supermajor

"I've never seen that done before; that's definitely a unique capability."

Global Artificial Lift SME,
Major Unconventional Operator

"Having [all] the real-time data in one place...

where everyone could see it at once would lower OPEX."

Asset Manager, Unconventional Operator

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